June HSF – Metallics

It’s been a terrible couple of months for HSF.  It’s been a terrible couple of months anyway.  Lots of travel, a number of family emergencies, me completely screwing up last month’s challenge  and having to start from scratch, my job… it’s been nuts.  But with CoCo 2017 just around the corner, I’m determined to get back on track.


(With sewing and blogging… I’m beginning to feel like Creed from “The Office”, writing blog posts and leaving them on my computer.)


But at least in an effort to do something other than hyperventilate about my failed May project, I got my June challenge done, a 1830s style parure:

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Sew Monthly – Remake, ReDo

February was a bad month for me, in terms of getting things done.  My parents’ puppy got lost for a week at the beginning of the month, I had some work issues, then they sent me on a business trip… and I had at least two “re-do” attempt projects go completely wrong at the last minute.  That happens sometimes.  It’s okay, just means I don’t have very much for this challenge.  (Posting it at the end of March, after all).
So all I’ve got is a petticoat.  Made from another petticoat.  Which isn’t that big of a deal, but still technically counts, I do believe.
I’ve been working on an 1869 crinoline that I drafted myself – I’m still refining my “doing it with math” method on all this, but overall, I’m pleased with how it’s turning out.  I did need a couple of petticoats for it, and remembered I had an extra, half-finished petti in the UFO pile. Not the most creative re-do in the world, but not so simple, either.  It saved me a ton of time with the gathering and hemming, at least!

Historical Sew Monthly – January, Firsts and Lasts

I like the corset.  I get progressively less interested in fashion the further it gets from the corset.  Maybe it’s because it feels less like history and more like “fashion” which has never really been my thing.  Anyway, we did a 19-Teens Tea through the costuming guild in February, which was a new time period for me.  New period = new underwear = new corset.

Nice thing is, this works great for the 2017 January Sew Monthly challenge.  (I like challenges; they keep me focused)

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Historical Sew Monthly December – Red

December didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to.

This was supposed to be a fun month for costuming.  Dickens on the Strand the first weekend, then some holiday cheer at my volunteer ranch to follow.  I had my December challenge item, a ball gown bodice, slated for finishing for the ranch events, and I was going to wear my awesome November “red” dolman for Dickens.

However, I ended up not being able to go to any of it.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances with my supervisor, I ended up having to attend drill the weekend of Dickens on the Strand.  And I had some other obligations that ended up taking precedent over the ranch events.  Then in January?  My parents’ puppy got stolen, and that was all kinds of bad.  Sad stuff.

I did get a chance to finish and wear my dolman, and now that things are quiet, I thought I’d catch up with the posts!  I’m quite happy with the end result!


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Historical Sew Monthly – Red

I had to skip October’s Sew Monthly project, but I’m back for November!  And since this is Texas, we’ve got Dickens on the Strand coming up.  Technically, it’s supposed to be the time period Dickens was alive, but… yeah, nobody sticks to that.
I’ve got that lovely plaid 1880s dress from our tragically under-attended picnic I can wear.  Maybe not in exactly the same way, though, because I really wanted to make… this…
Isn’t it gorgeous?  I’m slightly obsessed with dolmans.  I mean, LOOK at this!  So simple, so elegant, so red.

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Making a Hat From a Bigger Hat – 2

October was insane.  I had a two week extension on a deadline for a picnic dress, and I still almost didn’t get it done.  In fact, I probably wouldn’t have gone to the even at all, except I had a concert in Dallas the night before I was not going to miss.  All in all, the ensemble turned out nice:
The ins and outs of this dress were legion, so much so it killed most of my writing/blogging time over the past few months. The most I can say about it is… make sure you cut your skirt panels the right length for your height!
Anyway, it needed a hat.  A cool hat.  Something tall.  A nice late Victorian walking hat.
But I’m lazy.  And time-pressed.  And breaking out the buckram did not sound like fun.
So I tried something new, and it worked pretty well.  I also got more photos of this hat than the last one, so I think we can consider this a proper tutorial!  Best of all, it’s completely made with items you can buy at the big box stores.

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Making a Hat From a Bigger Hat

When I started on my 1880s polonaise, I knew I needed a bonnet.  I also knew I didn’t have much time – two weeks is an eyeblink when you’re trying to deal with millinery.  I needed something fast, quick, and period appropriate, so I turned to the straw hat stash in the craft closet.  
(Yes, I have a straw hat stash.  For reasons exactly like this.  You never know when you’re going to need one!)
And it turned out pretty good!
Easy, fun, and period correct!  And the best part is, I did this without any special supplies at all.  Including the time it took to block and stiffen, this was a three day project (a day to block, a day to stiffen, and about six-seven hours to finish up). 
Below the break is a sort-of tutorial on how I made this bonnet.  I do apologize for the paucity of photos; I had very little time to get this done!