Afternoon Yoked Petticoat

I like doing things the “right” way.  Hemming by hand, stroking my gathers, proper seam finishes, blind stitching waistbands, all that jazz.  In fact, petticoats have proven to be a great place to practice skills like that.

However, I’m also a quilter.

The days of piecing together little tiny blocks by hand are long gone.  We live in the age of rotary cutters and jelly rolls.  Quilters, by nature, are constantly on the prowl for the next creative way to cut corners without sacrificing the structural integrity of the finished product.  And that brings me back to petticoats.

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Pioneer Progress

For once in a long time, I had some time this week to just do what I wanted.  Had the whole week off (or rather, I’m in between temp jobs and I didn’t have to go in this week) and very few obligations.  Since I couldn’t join the Dallas ladies for Costumer’s Lost Weekend, I decide to throw one of my own.   Sewing it was!

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Next Project – “Pioneer” Dress

I decided to sign up for the Dreamstress’ Historical Sew Monthly 2016 challenge.  Yes, it’s halfway through the year, but there aren’t any rules about starting late, right?  (Maybe there are; I haven’t heard back yet on Facebook.)  I’ve been bouncing all over the place, trying to decide what to do for my next project, and this seems like a good way to get organized.

For June, the challenge is “travel.”  And to this Southwest girl, there isn’t anything more quintessentially “travel” than the pioneer days.  So a pioneer outfit it is.

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1837 San Jacinto Dress

One of the local costuming groups was planning on attending the Battle of San Jacinto event outside Houston back in April. Since the 1830s is a rather important time in Texas state history (we were our own country for a while, dontchaknow), I figured a 1830s dress would come in quite handy. Makes sense, right?

The Battle of San Jacinto took place in 1837, far enough away from the bright lights of Paris or even New York to ensure the local ladies probably weren’t wearing the latest fashion. However, I knew I wanted to do something a little fancier than a work dress, so I didn’t worry too much about full-on reenactment accuracy. I did, however, want to get the period styling correct. So, late 1830s style it was.

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