July Challenge – What to do…

I’m honestly not sure if I was signed up for the Sew Monthly challenge or not, but I don’t care. Pressing ahead!

So, this month the challenge is “monochrome”. White, black, or gray only. This is rather limiting, of course. I was planning on making a Regency dress to go with the half-robe I plan on making for August’s “pattern” challenge. But that seems better done in October for “historicism.” Thus, I’m still scratching my head.

It needs to be fairly simple. I know that. Also needs to be easy to complete, as I’ve got two dresses on the slate for the end of September (and a late Regency dress I want to do, because it’s good to have a Regency dress around, right?). It also needs to be something I can use with the other projects that are coming up this fall. I’ve got a few possibilities:

– Black wool skirt. I’m going to do a Garibaldi bloude for November’s “red” challenge, which will be the perfect thing to wear for some of the Civil War stuff going on this fall, or even Dickens. The wool I’ve got had a gray stripe in it though, so I’m not sure if that meets this challenge. There’s no color though, right?

– Gloves: If I can find a good piece of gray leather that will work for mid-bicep length gloves, I’ll probably do this. However, good leather is expensive and work, paychecks… *sighs*

– Combination drawers: These look fun, comfy, and best yet, I’ve got a pattern from National Garment Cutter’s that would make this good practice for sizing standard patterns.

– Civil War hat: In gray or black, to go with the Garibaldi dress.

I might end up going with the skirt. I need to make some adjustments to my 115″ Frankenhoop, but other than that, it should go together pretty easily. I’m not even planning on doing cartridge pleats! I’ve been dying to do those triple box pleats that show up on so many of these dresses, but I need to see if I can get away with that in wool. The wool I have is pretty light.

Hmm. Too many choices!


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