July Sew Monthly – Monochrome

Forgive my tardiness on this post (and ignore the date – it’s still 31 July here!).  I started a new job in June, and it’s been pedal to the medal ever since.  Very crazy.  Have not had much time to sew or blog.  But here it is!  A finished dress!  And it’s the Regency to boot!


I’ve had a lot of doubts about the Regency period.  I’m busty and curvy, and it seems like the styles in these decades do not cater to either of those features.  Please understand, I’m not knocking the aesthetic.  It’s just not the silhouette my figure is best suited for.  And, just like how clothes shopping depresses me, I’ve been scared to step into the Regency.

However, our local historical costuming group focuses on that, and I’m always up for a challenge. So, Regency this month it is.

Plus, the white dress fulfills July’s challenge!

The Challenge: Monochrome

Material: 100% cotton Swiss Dot

Pattern: Self-patterned bodice and skirt, sleeve modified from “1800-1805 Morning Dress” in Regency Women’s Dress

Year: 1795

Notions: 1/4″ white cotton twill tape

How historically accurate is it?:  I used the right material and I tried to give the appearance of the correct construction techniques by flat-felling the seams.  However, I did use my sewing machine and hem facings, which are not period.  80%

Hours to complete:  About 15 hours, including patterning

First worn: Either me or my mom will wear this in November for the Dallas Fort Worth Georgian Picnic

Total cost: 4 yards of Swiss Dot at the bargain-basement price of $4/yard, plus 6 yards of twill tape at $.99 and scraps for hem facing, so about $25.

(The lighting in my sewing room is crap, and I don’t have anyone to take photos for me, but here are a few more views!)

On my dress form:

On me:


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