Historical Sew Monthly – January, Firsts and Lasts

I like the corset.  I get progressively less interested in fashion the further it gets from the corset.  Maybe it’s because it feels less like history and more like “fashion” which has never really been my thing.  Anyway, we did a 19-Teens Tea through the costuming guild in February, which was a new time period for me.  New period = new underwear = new corset.

Nice thing is, this works great for the 2017 January Sew Monthly challenge.  (I like challenges; they keep me focused)

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Historical Sew Monthly December – Red

December didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to.

This was supposed to be a fun month for costuming.  Dickens on the Strand the first weekend, then some holiday cheer at my volunteer ranch to follow.  I had my December challenge item, a ball gown bodice, slated for finishing for the ranch events, and I was going to wear my awesome November “red” dolman for Dickens.

However, I ended up not being able to go to any of it.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances with my supervisor, I ended up having to attend drill the weekend of Dickens on the Strand.  And I had some other obligations that ended up taking precedent over the ranch events.  Then in January?  My parents’ puppy got stolen, and that was all kinds of bad.  Sad stuff.

I did get a chance to finish and wear my dolman, and now that things are quiet, I thought I’d catch up with the posts!  I’m quite happy with the end result!


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